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How to send SMSs to objects with a temporary association in Salesforce

Just like two persons can be in a relationship, similarly on Salesforce, two objects can be related. This means that they have a lookup field to establish a relationship. Now consider two objects on Salesforce which are not related. Sometimes…

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SMS-Magic Interact July 2016 Release Notes

We are happy to announce the SMS-Magic Interact July 2016 release. This release focuses on providing more control and flexibility to the users of SMS-Magic Interact. You will now have multiple Custom settings & permissions and many other options to…

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Leads to Account Migration image

Migrate SMS Conversation while converting Lead into Contact

After you have converted your leads into Accounts or Opportunities in the Salesforce CRM, it may happen that at a later date you need to view the SMS Conversation for that account, when it was a lead. There may be…

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