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SMS-Magic at TargetX Summit 2017

SMS-Magic will demonstrate texting capabilities for educational institutes at the TargetX Summit 2017

Henderson, Nevada, USA, June 23, 2017: SMS-Magic, a popular texting application on Salesforce will demonstrate powerful capabilities for higher education institutes at the TargetX Summit 2017. With texting, colleges can increase enrolments and reduce student dropout rates. “Today’s students are…

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Text for Customer Support

5 Ways SMS Messaging/Texting Helps Enhance the Customer Experience with Support

According to Deloitte, 92% of organizations that view customer experience as a differentiator offer multiple contact channels for service or support. Although calling will always be one way customers prefer to get issues resolved, things like IVR mazes and long…

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5 killer ways in which Sales can use SMS texting for conversion

Globally, 33[1] percent more people have access to mobile phones than to toilets! In 2013 that was 6 billion with access to mobile phones (and thus to SMS). Because of the huge potential behind text messaging, sales teams across industries…

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How Salesforce texting integration can help your clients increase revenue

How Salesforce texting integration can help your clients increase revenue

Mobile messaging is becoming the fastest means of communication on this planet. Just think how long it takes between your phone chiming for an incoming text and your hand moving towards it. What if you help your clients connect with…

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5 Benefits of Using SMS Messaging/Texting as a Customer Service Channel

Why SMS messaging is becoming the preferred channel for customer service

You could lose 85% of your business if your customer service is poor. When it comes to service, customers want results. 4 in 5 customers are frustrated with being dependent on a phone call or computer for customer service. Research says, more…

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How to leverage SMS / text messaging to accelerate sales

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” said Abrahim Lincoln, one of the finest leaders in the American history. Inefficient tools waste energy. Which is why it is…

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Bulk texting from the SMS-Magic portal- it’s easy!

You might not want to use your CRM for all your campaigns. If you’re in a rush and need to send a campaign to a list of contacts, listen up- there’s an easy way out. Did you know that you…

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SMS-Magic is now Lightning Ready – What does it mean for you?

With Salesforce moving to the Lightning interface, we had been receiving a lot of inquiries from prospects and customers for a lightning ready interface for SMS-Magic Interact. We are proud to announce that we have received the official ‘Lightning Ready’ sash…

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SMS-Magic’s Texting App for Salesforce is now Lightning Ready

Nevada, USA, January 24, 2017- SMS-Magic, a proven, global business messaging application for Salesforce, today announced that the SMS-Magic Application on Appexchange is now “Lightning Ready.” With this, businesses using Salesforce Lightning or planning to move to Salesforce Lightning, will…

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