Why SMS messaging is becoming the preferred channel for customer service

March 08, 2017
Nupur Maskara

You could lose 85% of your business if your customer service is poor. When it comes to service, customers want results. 4 in 5 customers are frustrated with being dependent on a phone call or computer for customer service. Research says, more than 50% of your customers would prefer SMS messaging/texting over their current form of communication for customer service or support.

5 Benefits of Using SMS Messaging/Texting as a Customer Service Channel

Here’s what one of our customers has to say about texting for customer service-

“Texting  has become the preferred support method for hundreds of our customers almost overnight – and overall is far less expensive than taking phone calls. We get 10 support texts to every support email – and our customers love it.”

-Greg Royse, CEO, Tidy

5 reasons why texting will help you provide better customer service

1. Texting ramps up productivity

As Greg says, messaging/texting is preferred by customers and  cost effective. Here’s how. With messaging, your agents can juggle multiple customer requests at a time, increasing their productivity. Let’s say a customer texts a query. Your agent asks for more information. While he is waiting for the customer to respond, he can attend to another request. This cuts your costs in half.

2. Texting doesn’t need internet

Your customer and your agent can carry on a conversation over text even in areas where internet is spotty. This is especially useful if you are in an industry like transport, with customers in remote regions.

3. Texting integrates with CRMs

You probably rely on your CRM to keep track of your service interactions with your customers. A texting solution can easily integrate with your CRM, making it easy for your agents to remember the conversations with different customers. With texting, your customer also has a record of the interaction for easy reference.

4. Messaging automation increases efficiency

You can combine the simplicity of texting/SMS messaging with the sophistication of automation. By sending an automated acknowledgement when a customer texts in an issue, you reassure her that you’re on the job. Once a service interaction has finished, confirm it with an automated text so that you end your exchange on a positive note.

5. Texting encourages customers to self-service

Gartner has predicted that by 2020, customers will be managing 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human. You can give customers an option to access FAQs by text or walk them through setting up a product via text, by sending them the information they need to enter.

Customers prefer short, interactive and mobile friendly communication today. Texting fits the bill to a T. It’s quick, unintrusive and their preferred way of communication. Messaging also makes sense from a business point of view, as it boosts your agents’ productivity and reduces their workload.

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