Finance Industry – 5 big questions to ask today.!

March 28, 2014
With the advent of mobile technologies and revolution in the communication space, the most significant need is to optimize Customer Interaction and improve their experience using the right technology.
Today’s customers expect more – 24X7 support, convenience, simplicity, mobility and a transparent process.

In addition to rapid transformations in business scenario, ever-changing customer expectations, social networking, technology, economic and regulatory uncertainty, and the struggle to differentiate oneself competitively, there are some basic questions, that need to be addressed now: 

  • How to meet customer expectations efficiently and enhance their experience? 
  • What is the right balance between personalized and digital relationships? 
  • What are the most cost-effective products/technologies that should be deployed to optimize customer experience and at the same time improve workforce efficiency and productivity?
  • How to use (read analyze) so much data to provide viable results based on Customer’s segmentation?

Your customer needs information and data at multiple points in the transaction process and you need to provide a mode an efficient means by which they can interact with you on the go.

What should be done is a question that most businesses are grappling with? provides a great platform for all financial services companies to connect with employees and clients at a deeper level. With its expert partners and a full-fledged App store (appexchange) provides a powerful means to listen and engage with clients and intermediaries, and exceed everyone’s expectations. These engagement processes are customizable as per your business requirements. 

They give you the power to record, analyze and take actions on the heap of data that is generated everyday by your business and customers. This would give you an edge over your competitors and create goodwill amongst your customers for understanding their needs and expectations.

You can check out solution for Financial Services here.

With the right communication medium right inside, you can create everlasting and rewarding relationships with your customers. Finance industry deals with exchange of information that is time sensitive and contextual. Text messaging is the easiest, most universal and cost-effective way to provide critical and timely financial information to mobile customers.

As for the ubiquity of mobile phones across the world, many leading financial organizations are already adopting interactive messaging with SMS to acquire new customers, interact with existing customers, send them real time updates/alerts, lower operational costs and finally increase the bottom line. 

SMS Magic on does just that for you. SMS Magic not only enables you to automate all your business communications based on your business Use Case using Salesforce workflows, but also enables you to have personalized interactions with your customers in real time. 

It helps you to increase operational efficiency in a most cost effective way. Here are some of the examples of what can be done using SMS Magic: 

SMS Magic Solutions for Finance Industry

Check out how some leading Finance Organisations are using SMS Magic ?

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