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Screen-Magic offers solution for enterprise mobile communication. Our unique offering of ‘SMS-Magic‘ enables you to connect & communicate with prospects. Screen-Magic was founded by dynamic duo of Mr Nitin Seth and Mr Sandeep More. When the passion with unique business ideas combines with technological expertise, Magic is bound to happen.

SMS-Magic started with an idea which was flourished by Salesforce appexchange. Screen-Magic, a mobile communication company, delivered successful SMS Campaigns for brands across the globe. We had unique concepts and modules on ‘how businesses can leverage SMS for their business communication requirements‘ which may be Marketing, Customer Support and any other Instant communication. SMS Campaigns are data driven and a typical SMS Campaign with a known group of audience fetches a response rate of 5-14%, much higher than email campaigns or any other media. Our idea of SMS as a communication media was coded into a product which worked on Clients database within SFDC. It delivered amazing results for our customers.

[“Changed our business completelyAfter much searching for an sms solution for salesforce, SMS Magic is the only solution that we found that can do absolutely everything we need it to, and more. The most powerful feature in our opinion is the ‘sms on workflow’ which allows us to send smses based on workflow rules/triggers ….. This system is truly magic! We love it.”- Dale Purdon, CEO, IMAGINE property investment, South Africa ]

SMS-Magic, our first product on Salesforce appexchange, witnessed a great traction from salesforce users. Ever since SMS-Magic has been launched, it has received phenomenal response from SFDC Customers on appexchange. The platform helped SMS-Magic create visibility and buzz within the world’s leading CRM- Salesforce. Salesforce gave us great platform to start our journey. We have served more than 700 Customer accounts. These accounts are across industry domains and functions such as – Customer Service Notifications and field service updates to technicians, Recruiters using SMS as a media to reach-out to candidates and communicating jobs, scheduling interviews etc. Of-course there are a plethora of other use-cases from several industries.

[“We are in business of enhancing customer’s business. We work for providing the best solution to help our customers reach their target audience in timely, and in effective communication- Nitin Seth , Co-founder & CEO, Screen Magic ]

One of our customer, Syngenta had a challenge as to How to run campaign efficiently and reach in a low cost to serve a fragmented and large number of small holder growers? We identified the reach point, of having one thing in common which was the mobile phone. Syngenta used SMS-Magic to reach-out farmers far-off locations in Africa. They increased their farmer base from 1000 to 10,000 with SMS Magic. There are other customers, where we made the difference in driving their business to next level.

Salesforce appexchange is the primary and most popular Marketplace for SaaS and B2B Solutions in the world today. It is the equivalent of “App Store’ for Business SaaS solutions. Salesforce act as great influencer with user friendly content on appexchange, which help us engage with the relevant prospects effectively. With Salesforce by our side, we receive a healthy rate of about 1000+ leads in a quarter and equivalent visits and inquiries to our website.

The key reasons  Salesforce appexchange is a huge success among ISV Developers and Customers is – It’s a truly democratic marketplace, which means – Developers have a clear chance and opportunity to showcase their talent. Customers find reviews which are true picture of what customer thinks of product & services. Plus Salesforce appexchange provides a level of trust and credibility to the ISV’s. Of-course this trust is based on the thorough Security Reviews and other audits performed by the Salesforce appexchange team.

Magic works best in wonderland. Salesforce is that universe of wonderland, where we can explore amazing things, that  will make a great change in a way we do things in real world.

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