SMS-Magic’s Texting App for Salesforce is now Lightning Ready

January 24, 2017


Nevada, USA, January 24, 2017- SMS-Magic, a proven, global business messaging application for Salesforce, today announced that the SMS-Magic Application on Appexchange is now “Lightning Ready.” With this, businesses using Salesforce Lightning or planning to move to Salesforce Lightning, will be able to use SMS-Magic’s text messaging app seamlessly in the Lightning Environment.

“Lightning ready SMS-Magic now delivers a seamless user experience to Salesforce Lightning users. This is just the start of our journey in creating a robust integration with Salesforce Lightning,” says Sandip More, Co-Founder and CTO, SMS-Magic.

SMS-Magic enables businesses using Salesforce to text their leads and customers from their Salesforce CRM. Everything that they could do with SMS-Magic on Salesforce earlier- create templates with dynamic fields, schedule messages, automate texts on workflows- they can continue to do on Salesforce Lightning.

Salesforce Lightning is a new user interface that Salesforce has introduced, which is more intuitive than Salesforce Classic. It makes it easier for end users to find what they want, is faster and supports all their use cases.

The SMS-Magic app supports both Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning.

About SMS-Magic

SMS-Magic is a proven, global messaging application for popular CRM platforms, with over 1500 clients across 190 countries, including small, midsize, and enterprise accounts. SMS-Magic enables CRM users to seamlessly use messaging to engage buyers and win and retain more new customer revenue,