Top 4 Reasons SMS Automation Benefits Small Businesses

February 10, 2014

Today’s business is all about connectivity, be it between friends, your employees, your field force, your departments, your customers or prospects.

Backed by the latest technology, it’s the 24X7 ‘care-world’, which brings with it the pressure of performance. Shortage of people compounds the problem, especially for SMB’s. While phone calls and emails continue to be an effective way to communicate with the external world, SMS is fast assuming the pre-eminent role as a communication tool due to its ability to reach the message to the recipient in an instant. Instant messaging is the new way to stay in touch.

Here have a look at the complete Communication life cycle of a Customer with your brand. You can automate almost maximum part of this cycle with SMS.


A recent study shows that at least half of Americans aged 18 to 29 send at least 40 text messages a day and half of those aged 30 to 49 send at least 10 per day. This is 8 times and 2 times respectively, the number of phone calls they make per day. Like email, texts are less disruptive and allow consumers to be reached in the way that best suits each individual.

The only solution, to be available for your customer 24X7, is to automate your communication.

Let’s see why text-messaging automation is a burning need for businesses that plan to optimize their operational processes:

  1. It’s the Mobility Era!

    Everybody you know is on the move. Ever since the birth of the mobile phone in 1973 when Motorola launched its first commercial handheld cellular phone, mobility has transformed its meaning from just pager or email access to On-the-go connectivity.
    A typical SMS Automation Flow

    Merging customer data right inside your CRM-database helps you understand your customer better and should be a hassle free activity. That’s where the automation comes in.  You can record, analyze and respond to your customers’ query even when they are on move. With Automation, you can set up reminders on specific workflows that will help you connect with your customers even on a personal level, for e.g. wishing Birthday and extending special offer as gift.
  2. SMS automation makes your business available anytime

    SMS brings a lot of advantages. Being an Instant medium of communication between individuals, it has pushed everyone to want everything instantly, thus expanding the need for accessibility from individuals to enterprises. As a result:

    Simple Trigger like incoming Query
    can let you make money
    1. Organizations are now focused more than ever on making themselves accessible to customers 24 hours a day.
    2. Organizations now believe in one-on-one personalized dialogue building with everybody rather than just pushing content to their customers across multiple mediums.
    3. The process of listening to customers and solving the queries on the go help them retain their customers longer.
  3. It’s going ‘Cloud’ all the way!

    The maturing of CRM as an important productivity tool has led experts to predict continuous growth in business process automation.

    According to an Aberdeen report, “Understanding the Complexity of B2B Integration: Insights for Mid-Market Leaders”, 44% of midmarket companies are feeling under pressure by the lack of business process integration, which leads to poor customer, supplier and trading partner communication.

    As process automation develops, there is a clear demand for making communication simpler. SMS is one of the mediums that can be easily integrated with CRM system enhancing the dialogue between you and everybody you want to  stay in touch with.

  4. Light on time and resources
    The best part of automation is it reduces time and resource load on your organization. Automating processes improves predictability and reliability by reducing human intervention and resultant errors.

    SMS Magic helps you at each stage

    With the advent of automation and workflows in CRMs, the communication with your customer gets more transparent. You can update your customers at every point of Query without even having somebody attend it. Sending Critical alerts and Notification has never been easier.

    With SMS Automation you can :

    1. Automatically send personalised, timely and effective text messages to prospects at the right touch-points.
    2. Leverage one-to-one text messaging directly — no mobile phone needed to send messages, receive replies or respond to replies
    3. With all the communication in a place, you can record, analyze what your customers are talking to you.
    4. Control, monitor, and record all text communications to ensure compliance and maintain a high quality of customer service

SMS Magic is one such application on Salesforce CRM.

With SMS Magic and Salesforce Workflow you can automate the process of composing (using templates) and sending texts at the right points in the Customer Interaction — this could include a gentle nudge to fill out and return a form, a reminder of a scheduled call, or simply a “remember me” touch point.

Replies can be delivered to the sales associate as an email, meaning a sales associate can receive text messages through their email without even being  in front of the CRM.

Check it out here !

If you need any more information, you can join the Webinar

“SMS on Workflows – 5 Essential Usecases of SMS Automation”

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