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5 killer ways in which Sales can use SMS texting for conversion

Globally, 33[1] percent more people have access to mobile phones than to toilets! In 2013 that was 6 billion with access to mobile phones (and thus to SMS). Because of the huge potential behind text messaging, sales teams across industries…

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Bulk texting from the SMS-Magic portal- it’s easy!

You might not want to use your CRM for all your campaigns. If you’re in a rush and need to send a campaign to a list of contacts, listen up- there’s an easy way out. Did you know that you…

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How to send SMSs to objects with a temporary association in Salesforce

Just like two persons can be in a relationship, similarly on Salesforce, two objects can be related. This means that they have a lookup field to establish a relationship. Now consider two objects on Salesforce which are not related. Sometimes…

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Short Codes text marketing strategy

A beginner’s guide to SMS Short Codes

A Short Code is an extremely powerful channel for text marketing when used smartly.  Short Codes are fixed, easy-to-remember registered numbers five-to-six numeric digits in length. Most savvy marketers invest heavily in Short Codes to drive their text marketing strategy. It serves…

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Zoho + SMS- the Secret Sauce for Business Success

Zoho is simple to use and easy to customize. It has helped many SMEs increase their revenue, at a low cost. You can use SMS on Zoho, and you should, considering SMS has a 98% open rate. Let’s take the…

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GRS spreads AIDS Awareness among youth using SMS Magic

Grassroot Soccer spreads the knowledge to youth using SMS Magic ” We have been using the system for about a week now and we are ecstatic about the results. SMS Magic is assisting us to engage parties that were previously…

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Measure Your SMS Campaigns !!

Effective and timely reporting on any advertising campaign is the make or break of its effectiveness. Even more important is knowing exactly what to measure. Some of the Variables that should be well measured while in Mobile Marketing campaign: •…

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