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AppExchange Webinar: How GIVE used SMS-Magic to increase conversions by 30%

On the Salesforce AppExchange Connected Leaders webinar in June, Katence Olson, Co-founder and Operations and Marketing Director, GIVE, spoke about how SMS-Magic has helped them convert leads and reach volunteers. GIVE is a nonprofit that facilitates volunteer travel for college students so that they…

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Salesforce appexchange – the Dreamplace for ISV success

Screen-Magic offers solution for enterprise mobile communication. Our unique offering of ‘SMS-Magic‘ enables you to connect & communicate with prospects. Screen-Magic was founded by dynamic duo of Mr Nitin Seth and Mr Sandeep More. When the passion with unique business…

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Salesforce1 : Essential Tips and Tricks

Salesforce1 is new flagship product of According to, the new Salesforce1 app is designed to help users stay connect and stay productive wherever they are, even on the move. The description also takes it one step ahead with…

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5 Steps to Create an Effective SMS Campaign

Text messaging (SMS) has changed the way we communicate and currently is un-doubtfully the most used form of communication. A recent article (Time Magazine online) reported that on average we receive and send nearly 88 text messages per day compared…

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