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5 killer ways in which Sales can use SMS texting for conversion

Globally, 33[1] percent more people have access to mobile phones than to toilets! In 2013 that was 6 billion with access to mobile phones (and thus to SMS). Because of the huge potential behind text messaging, sales teams across industries…

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How to send SMSs to objects with a temporary association in Salesforce

Just like two persons can be in a relationship, similarly on Salesforce, two objects can be related. This means that they have a lookup field to establish a relationship. Now consider two objects on Salesforce which are not related. Sometimes…

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Salesforce1 : Essential Tips and Tricks

Salesforce1 is new flagship product of According to, the new Salesforce1 app is designed to help users stay connect and stay productive wherever they are, even on the move. The description also takes it one step ahead with…

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Upcoming Webinar – SMS Magic on Salesforce1 – Features and Essential Usecases

Salesforce1 is the new social, mobile and cloud platform built to transform sales, service and marketing apps. It’s a Platform to connect with Customers in a whole new way. Keeping up with the latest wave, Screen Magic is launching a…

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Webinar : SMS on Workflows – 5 Essential Usecases of SMS Automation

SMS on Workflows can help automate all your business communications in a few minutes!In this webinar, We will be sharing following Interesting Usecases – Using SMS on Workflows for incoming SMS  Automated Appointment Reminder. Automated Payment/Loan Reminders. Sending SMS on almost…

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