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5 killer ways in which Sales can use SMS texting for conversion

Globally, 33[1] percent more people have access to mobile phones than to toilets! In 2013 that was 6 billion with access to mobile phones (and thus to SMS). Because of the huge potential behind text messaging, sales teams across industries…

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Are you dreading the post Dreamforce follow-up? Here’s how texting can reduce your workload

You are all set to have a blast at Dreamforce, the Superbowl of Software. Your mind is spinning with the list of people you will meet, the conversations you’ll have and the promises you will make. You will come back…

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3 SMS/text followups from Pardot to increase your email response rate

Email and SMS are two powerful tools in your communications arsenal. What if you could combine these two channels to optimize and strengthen your business communication processes? You can configure SMS-Magic from Pardot to use marketing automation to send a…

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Zoho + SMS- the Secret Sauce for Business Success

Zoho is simple to use and easy to customize. It has helped many SMEs increase their revenue, at a low cost. You can use SMS on Zoho, and you should, considering SMS has a 98% open rate. Let’s take the…

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Top 4 Reasons SMS Automation Benefits Small Businesses

Today’s business is all about connectivity, be it between friends, your employees, your field force, your departments, your customers or prospects. Backed by the latest technology, it’s the 24X7 ‘care-world’, which brings with it the pressure of performance. Shortage of…

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