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SMS scheduling list view coniguration

Scheduling a List View Configuration: Reach thousands at a time you choose

You may’ve read our previous blog post on List View Configuration, which enables you to send thousands of texts at one go, on Salesforce. You can also segment your database using filters to create different list view configurations. You could’ve done…

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Two Way Communication: Why Is it Required ?

Well, to start with Lets first try to find out what Communications means ? I tried digging deep, I came up with some bullets points features of an Effective Communication as: The sender and receiver of information are properly matched…

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Customer Loyalty Programs on Mobile

“Any Small Event that makes Customers life simple, attract them to spend happily and more.” When it comes to Mobile, the media and game plan changes altogether. You are dealing with an entity that is way too personal than a…

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Step By Step SMS Marketing Campaign

We can find hundred tips on How to run SMS Marketing Campaigns But we cant find anything that really tells What to do stepwise.? Just go through the following steps and then you will be ready to launch your own…

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5 Ways to schedule your Tweets..!!

Tweeting is new trend. What makes it interesting is the News feed that keeps on flowing and that too continuous. I needed some tweeting applications/services to schedule the tweets. Here is the list of the 5 apps/services that help you…

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SMS Marketing

When we talk about SMS marketing, basically it’s just more than simple Bulk pushed Texts. SMS Marketing is emerging as one of most ubiquitous media to reach the customers. SMS Marketing gives you some basic reason to go with: ·        …

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