Configure SMS Automation Using Workflow Rules

May 16, 2014

Before you start using the “SMS on Workflow” package, you should clearly define your use case. For this you will need to sketch out-

  • Pre-conditionCondition(s) on which SMS will be sent & the associated Workflow rule
  • Whom the message will be sent to (object and mobile number)?
  • Object whose content will be included in SMS Template
  • Once you have figured out the above, you can start creating configuration for sending SMS from Workflow.

You can can create workflow for different recipient types. For example-

Configure Workflow Rules using 3 Steps

Step 1. New SMS Workflow Configuration
Create New SMS configuration as per use case
Step 2. Create New Configuration
Create Configuration Form
Step 3. Create New Workflow Task

Once you have created  the configuration,  you will get a “Configuration Id”. Now you can create the workflow rule as per your requirement or  use pre-existing rule by editing it. Add a “task” action to workflow and paste the copied configuration name in task description.

Create new Workflow Task

For limitations please refer – Limitations

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