Migrate SMS Conversation while converting Lead into Contact

July 22, 2016
Priyanka Vermani

After you have converted your leads into Accounts or Opportunities in the Salesforce CRM, it may happen that at a later date you need to view the SMS Conversation for that account, when it was a lead. There may be separate teams that interact with leads and accounts. Before starting a conversation, your team members would certainly require a context. This context can be easily fetched from the SMS Conversation thread. Which is why we have added this feature that lets you carry forward all the texts that you may have exchanged when your account was a lead. So the next time you convert a lead into an Account, the entire SMS-Conversation will be ported along with it. Let us help you in enabling this awesome feature and making the most of it. In order to use this feature, you will have to edit your Custom Settings in the Salesforce org. This will be a one-time configuration. Below is the screenshot of the Custom Settings page:


On this page, click on the last line item, which says – ‘Update Related List On Lead Conversion’. You will be navigated to the following page:


Click on the ‘Manage’ button on this page. You will be redirected to the following page:


On this page, you will have to click on ‘New’ and you will be further navigated to the following page:


On the above page, you will have to ‘Name’ your settings. We have named it ‘Lead Conversion Setting’. We have also selected all 3 checkboxes. Based on this configuration, whenever, a user converts a Lead into an Account, Contact or Opportunity, the entire communication will also be ported. To test this, you can go to your Leads page and convert any one of them into a Contact. The SMS-Conversation pertaining to that Lead will also appear on the Contact Detail page. So the next time you are looking for a context to speak to a newly converted lead, check the SMS-Conversation and start the communication from exactly where you left! To know more, Read our blog on Conversation view.

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