Out-Of-The-Box Business Texting

Advanced. Automated. Effortless.

End-to-End Messaging Solution

Complete. Engaging. Mobile.

Easy-to-Use SMS Automation

Simple. Intuitive. Cutting-Edge.

Enterprising Customization

Personal. Flexible. Rich Experience.

Customizable Interface

You have the choice between VF page or Popup interface to send SMSs.

Custom Development

Use our open API to develop bespoke application features.

Credit Management

Create sub-accounts for different branches & manage their budgets.


Automatically translate SMS Magic to the language preference of user.

Global Coverage

Quality. Wide-Ranging. 700+ Carriers.

Inbound Numbers

We provide with incoming numbers on which your contacts reply.

Dynamic Sender ID

Customize sender name to resonate with your brand identity.

Long Message Support

Up tp 700 character messages are split and concatenated on recipient’s phone.

Delivery Reports

Track handset delivery reports supported by network carriers.