How to Choose Right SMS Service or Provider

May 18, 2014

With explosion of mobile devices/networks in the world, SMS has become quite critical for every enterprises. As SMS is turning to be easy, robust way to reach the masses or consumers.

Here is the 4 step process to follow for choosing correct SMS service or provider.

Step 1. Research & Shortlist

Enter search “sms” on google will give you the list of sms providers in your region or country. There will be plenty of providers in the market but most of them runs in reseller models so may not give you end-to-end value or even reliabilty is big question in case of many of those. Directly connecting to Mobile operators is way to go if you have volumes in million per month or billion per year. Normally Banks and Big enterprises directly ties up with Mobile operators.

Here are questions you should ask

1) What is the per sms cost?

2) Is there any hidden cost?

3)Are there any minimum purchase or monthly usage requirements/

4) Expiry of SMS packs.

5) How good is the SMS provider’s network coverage.

6) Is the SMS gateway provider’s API well documented and easy to use? Is there any sample code provided?

7) What payment options does the SMS gateway provider offer?

8) Does the SMS gateway provider provide any free SMS messages for testing?

9) Does your SMS application require 2-way SMS messaging services?

10) How good is the SMS gateway provider’s support service?

Reference : Developers home (for answer to above 10 questions)


Step 2. Test the Service

Step 3.  Negotiate the SMS rates

Step 4.  Integrate in your system




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April 22, 2016 6:58 pm

This information is very usefull,….. thanks for sharing…….


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