How to Schedule SMS?

May 19, 2014
SMS Magic Scheduler is an add on package that enables you to schedule SMS messages! You can schedule SMS messages to a single record, a list of records or even schedule a “Campaign”.


“Schedule SMS” from Leads/ Contacts

“Send/ Schedule SMS” buttons are provided by default on Leads/ Contacts. They use the standard mobile phone field to schedule SMSes. You just need to add these buttons to the search layout. To know how to add buttons to the search layout, please refer to How to Configure “Send Bulk SMS” Button for Leads & Contacts?


“Schedule SMS” from Campaigns

Similar to Leads/ Contacts, “Schedule SMS” button is also configured for Campaign and you just need to add it to the campaign page layout. To know how to add a button to campaign page layout please refer to How to Configure “Run SMS Campaign” button on Campaign?


“Schedule SMS” from Leads/ Contacts or Campaigns for Custom Object/ Custom Field

We can schedule SMS from all objects (Standard & Custom) and even schedule campaigns using custom fields (fields other than Mobile field).

To set up the “Schedule SMS” functionality on any other object or use any other mobile phone field in Leads/Contacts, you must create new buttons.

Copy the “Schedule SMS” button code and change the values mentioned below.


var records = {!GETRECORDIDS($ObjectType.Contact;)};
//choose the object API name

var recordType = “contact“; //choose the object API name

var mobileField = ‘MobilePhone‘; //choose the mobile phone field


Limit for Number of Schedules at particular time

At a particular time (such as 6.00AM) you can maximum schedule 5 apex batches. If you schedule more then 5, than only 5 at that particular time will get execute, rest other won’t get executed (resulting few of the schedule messages won’t go out). This is the standard salesforce limitation.

Solution- Please avoid scheduling more than 5 batches at a particular time. If you want to schedule more batched, schedule it with a time difference. Such as 5 batches at 9:00 AM then next 5 at 9:10 AM and likewise. Each batch many contain around 200 recipients.

Limit for Number of Schedules in a day

Maximum you can schedule 100 apex batches in a day, this 100 may include all the batches running into your org (not specific to SMS Magic).

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