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May 19, 2014
Received SMS can appear as a related list attached to any object. It can be also shown as a task in the Activity history, you need to know some programming to configure this. (Refer Programmer’s Guide)

To show incoming SMS as a related list, you have to follow two steps:

Step 1:

1. Go to Setup–> App Setup–> Create–> Objects

2. Click “Incoming SMS”

3. Go to Custom Fields and Relationships; click on the “New”.
Choose the field type

Select the Data Type as “Look Up Relationship”.

Choose the related object

Select the other object (May be standard and Custom both) on which (Page Layout) you want Lookup on. (for e.g. we selected Contact)

Enter the label and name for lookup field

Click on “Field Name”. The “Field Label” content gets copied in “Field Name”.

  1. Check “Child Relationship Name”, it should be Incoming_SMS.
  2. Select the field level access & click “Next”.

3. Add to the layouts required and click “Next”.


4. Click on “Save”

Now the lookup is created, you can see it under “Custom Fields & Relationships” of “Incoming SMS”  object.
Step 2:

If you have the standard Salesforce format i.e (123) 456-7890, then you can go to SMS Magic Settings and follow the steps below.

However, If you have mobile numbers stored in different formats then you will have to write a custom trigger on incoming SMS that will pick up the mobile number from SMS and search it with various number formats present in your organization. An example of such trigger is present under

  1. Go to SMS Magic Interact App–> SMS -Settings Tab–> Configure Action on Incoming SMS–>New Incoming Lookup
Fill in the the object name, field name which stores mobile number & the lookup API name ( that was created in Step 1).
Now the incoming SMSes will be attached to the contact record. Once you select “Notify Record Owner”, it will send auto incoming notification email to the related Contact record owner. 



  1. We need to have mobile number either in international format like 447937947445 (i.e. Country code and mobile number without any special characters and spaces) or in standard Salesforce format i.e. (044) 840-4303 and data type of the field (storing the mobile number value) has be to Phone field (not formula one!) so that it should attach the incoming SMS record with relevant record.
  2. Lookup configuration will not work for a user having “Salesforce Platform” license.




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