Resend SMS

April 04, 2016
Mayuresh Borse
Resend SMS

When SMSs are sent , some of them may get failed due to reasons like the sms-magic server handling the sms transactions is down for emergency updates or due to network connection hiccups. Accordingly, the field ‘sentStatus’ of corresponding record is updated in sms history. When sms fails , user need to compose whole sms again, select records , sender id , optout and then try to send the sms again. But this task of re-executing the whole process is time consuming and repetitive efforts are needed to be put in . A feature was needed which could save sales reps time for more productive tasks and hence , a Resend SMS functionality is provided .

In sms history sentStatus is the field which shows the current state and status of the message. The possible values of sentStatus are as follows :

1.Submitted : The message is successfully sent from salesforce end .
2.Failed : The message failed at salesforce end because sms-magic server is down or callout to sms-magic server failed.
3.Rejected : The message is rejected at salesforce end. [Related to Empty SMS Text]

Resend SMS-1

As shown in above screenshot, some of the SMSs got failed and some of them are successfully submitted , also a button to resend sms is displayed . Now one can resend all of those failed SMSs using “Resend SMS” functionality .

Things to be known before re-sending SMSs :

1.SMSs with failed status are only allowed to be resend. SMSs which are having sentStatus as submitted/rejected will not be considered for resend.
2.Necessary field level permissions for sending sms are mandatory to use resend functionality.
3.One can resend any number of messages at a time .
4.The “Resend SMS” button is provided in the List view of SMS History object , which will be used to Resend sms.

Steps to configure Resend SMS button :

1.Go to Setup->Create->Objects
2.Click on SMS History object.
3.Now go to the search layouts.
4.Click on edit action for SMS History List View
5.In available button section there will be a button named as Resend SMS, select the button and move it to selected buttons
6.Click on save.

Resend SMS 2

Steps to resend SMS :

1.Select the records which have the sentStatus as Failed.
2.Click on resend sms button.
3.A pop-up will be shown, displaying the number of SMS records selected for Resend.
4.After clicking on OK button in the first popup , the next popup will show the number of SMSs successfully sent.
5.This will also update the sentStatus of the corresponding SMSs, if successfully sent.

Resend SMS 3

Advantages :
1.A Single-click process to resend all the failed SMSs.
2.No repetitive tasks needed to be performed.
3.Time saved can be consumed for productive tasks.

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