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Timely notifications, better engagement using texting from SalesForce
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Optimize Your Business Interaction with SMS Magic Interact
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Deep Dive into SMS Magic API
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SMS on Workflows – Key to Automated Business Communications
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White Paper

Generic SMS

11 ways how texting is redefining business ROIs

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The finance industry is at the fore-front with SMS communications and send transactional messages

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Real Estate

SMS Magic is a highly customizable application. You can set up send SMS functionality on any standard

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Not for Profit

SMS Magic is a highly customizable application used by many non profit organisations to engage

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SMS Magic allows universities, colleges and other educational institutions to communicate with

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SMS Magic’s robust SMS solution enables hospitals and individual practitioners to communicate

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SMS Magic allows universities, colleges and other educational institutions to communicate with

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SMS Magic helps Firms from multiple Business verticals to achieve their goals. Check it out, how

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Case Study

HIV Awareness with SMS

Grassroot Soccer uses SMS to educate, inspire, and mobilize soccer students against HIV spread.

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Get Started

To Get Started, you will need to sign up with SMS Magic first. You will be provided with appropriate package links for installing. Once you have installed the application, you can start using basic functionality right away. App can be configured for complex usage as well, using APIs and Workflow.

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Developers and System Administrators can use SMS Magic Apex API and HTTP Api to build complex integrations. Basic SMS functionality can be configured for custom objects.


SMS Tips

SMS is a 20 year old technology, it is rapidly getting adopted by enterprises for customer interactions, sales acceleration and marketing.

Quick Links

  1. SMS 101 – Know everything about SMS
  2. Choosing SMS provider – Its long & hard process to find trusted SMS partners.
  3. SMS Pricing -  country wise prices of sms & inbound numbers
  4. Impact of TCPA guidelines for US Customers
  5. Best Practices for using SMS messages in your business communication

SMS App Configurations

Developers and System Administrators can configure/create buttons, use SMS Magic Apex API and HTTP Api to build complex integrations.

SMS Automation using Workflows

SMS on Workflow is add-on package for SMS Magic app. This add-on package will allow you to send auto SMS by simply setting up a Salesforce Workflow rule and action. You don’t need to write a single line of code, just use our point and click tools to send auto messages!

Schedule Reminders/Notifications

SMS Magic Scheduler add on package which gives you the option to schedule SMS messages! You can schedule SMS messages to a list of records or schedule a Salesforce “Campaign”.

SMS Magic FAQ's

How can I start using SMS Magic on Salesforce
You can start using SMS magic by Signing up for one of the three available subscriptions. Post signup, we will provide you links to install and configure the application.
Which editions of Salesforce does SMS Magic support?
SMS Magic is available for all editions except “Group” edition. Some users might face some difficulties with standard package. Please reach out to our support team for special package for instances.
How do I configure SMS Magic application?
Please visit our resource center where we have put up detailed instructions on how to configure application. For any specific questions please reach out to our support team.


How many messages can I send with SMS Magic? Is there any limitation?
You can send any number of messages using our standard subscriptions – Starter, Value or Automation. Messages will be sent using SMS Magic connections and you need to purchase SMS packs to sent out the messages. We use high quality transactional routes to ensure all enterprise communications are delivered on time! However, you still need to comply with rules and regulations imposed by local telecom authorities
Can I send message in language other than English
SMS Magic supports unicode messages, which means you can send messages in any language. Please note that messages sent in non English languages have a different length.  This is as per the SMPP specifications and is not controlled by us. Refer the below table for details
Content Type No. of Characters per message
English 160
English Multi-part / Long Message 153
Unicode 70
Unicode Multi-part / Long Message 67
Can I send long messages?

You can send messages up to 700 characters with SMS Magic. If you are sending long messages, corresponding credits will be deducted from your account. For example, if you are sending a message of 350 characters, three credits will be deducted.

Long messages are broken into multiple parts and are concatenated at recipients mobile phone.