Getting Started

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Step 1

Thanks for Choosing Us, Lets Start!

You are required to choose the subscription plan to start. Subscription plans are designed feature-wise suiting to needs of the organizations of varying size and structures. All plan options have unlimited users.

Choose Your Plan!
Step 2

Install SMS Magic

Screen-Magic is an ISV partner of SMS Magic app is listed on Salesforce AppExchange. It is native app and the installation is fairly straight forward.

You need to first Sign Up and choose a subscription plan. You can either purchase the subscription or avail the free trial for 15 days. All the features mentioned in subscription plan will be available during free trial. You will be provided 10 credits for testing. If you need more, you can purchase trial SMS pack or contact our sales team. We can also provide an incoming number for testing. Please reach out to [email protected] if you need it.

Sign Up

Installation in Action!

Step 3

Setup Wizard!

Congratulations on completing Installation! Now select SMS Magic App from selection menu at top right of browser. Before you send your first SMS, you will need to complete some mandatory configurations. To make this easy, we have provided a Setup wizard which will guide your step by step to complete the mandatory configurations.

Click on “SMS Home” tab of application. You need to complete the six steps mentioned below:

  1. Registration
  2. Setup API Key
  3. Country Selection
  4. Setup Incoming Number
  5. Setup SenderId
  6. Setup OAuth

Advanced Configuration

You can create buttons on various custom objects. You will need to add those buttons on relevant page layouts to start sending sms’es. You can also add SMS History as a related list to any Salesforce object.

Step 5

Send Your First SMS

We will provide you some free credits to test SMS functionality. We also have a trial SMS pack, if you want to do extensive testing.

Purchase SMS Pack