May 16, 2014

All objects are a part of the managed package. As you know, every managed package has its own name space which is defined by  ”Namespace Prefix”. SMS Magic has 2 versions as follows :

 According to your SMS Magic package:


Version Package Prefix Last Updated Status

SMS Magic Interact

1.36 smagicinteact 23rd June 2014 Live

SMS Magic Interact Old

1.23 smsmagicvc1 5th May 2012 Deprecated

You need to take care of while writing the code that correct prefix is used according to version installed in your organization. In all the examples, interact prefixes are used i.e. smagicinteract

SMS Magic provides full API to access/ imitate sms-magic functionality in your own way. We provide API’s for

  1. Send SMS – Single or Bulk
  2. Render Templates

SMS Magic package custom objects are editable and you can use them from within your Apex code.

Some samples scenarios developed using API’s are:
  1. Auto SMS  - Write Apex Code with Trigger Condition. Action will be sending out SMS. For sending out SMS refer our ‘Send SMS API’
  2. Create Lead on Incoming SMS  - Write a trigger on ‘Incoming SMS’ object. Incoming SMS Object fields such as – From, Text of the SMS’, etc. are open fields and can be searched and programmed.
  3. Create Incoming SMS in Activity History - Write a trigger on ‘Incoming SMS’ object. Do a look-up for originating number and create a new Activity for incoming SMS.
  4. Populate a field in Leads with Incoming SMS text – Write a trigger on ‘Incoming SMS’ object. Do a look-up for originating number and populate the required field.

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