SMS Magic Scheduler

May 19, 2014
SMS Magic Scheduler add on package gives you the option to schedule SMS messages! You can schedule SMS messages to a list of records or schedule a “Campaign”.

For installing SMS Magic Scheduler Add on package please refer to SMS Magic Add-ons.


Schedule SMS

“Send/Schedule SMS” buttons are provided by default on Leads/Contacts. They use the standard mobile phone field to schedule SMSes. You just need to add these buttons to the search layout. Similarly, Schedule SMS button is also configured for Campaign and you just need to add it to the campaign page layout. the below example shows the “Schedule SMS” button on the Contacts list view.

Go to Setup–> App Setup–> Customize–> Contact–> Search Layout–> Contact List view and add the “Send/Schedule Bulk SMS” button to the layout.


When you click on on the “Send/ Schedule SMS” button, you will have the option to select Sender ID, Template and schedule SMS to any date/time.
If you want to set up Schedule SMS functionality on any other object or use any other mobile phone field in Leads/Contacts, you can create new buttons. You will have to copy the schedule SMS button code and change the values highlighted in bold:

var records = {!GETRECORDIDS($ObjectType.Contact)}; //choose the object API name
var recordType = “contact“; //choose the object API name
var mobileField = ‘MobilePhone‘; //choose the mobile phone field

Modify/Delete a created schedule

The scheduled records are created within “SMS Scheduled” object. You can view/edit/delete the schedules from this object.


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