May 19, 2014

Zoho and SMS

80% of people use texting for business. By conversing with customers in the medium they prefer, you will attract leads, accelerate your time-to-revenue and increase customer loyalty.

With SMS-Magic, CRM users harness the power of messaging to seamlessly engage in active conversations with prospects, buyers and customers, directly from the CRM system. It’s simple, it’s fast, and it’s effective.

We empower you to complete your conversation cycle by enabling two-way communication. Conversations aren’t just single messages. Conversations are flows of messages that create interactive discussions, the foundation for trusted relationships. By making it convenient for customers to reach you, increase chances of them responding to your messages and initiating dialogues.

Zoho is a CRM that’s easy to use and customize, for all businesses. You can get more out of your Zoho CRM with messaging. If you’re able to converse with your customers through messaging from the familiar interface of your Zoho CRM, wouldn’t that be great?

The Zoho Marketplace enables you to access and integrate third party applications which can help you text your clients. SMS-Magic Extension is available on the Zoho Marketplace and since it seamlessly integrates with Zoho CRM, start messaging your customers right away.  With all your data in one place, you can receive and log customer responses to a campaign, communication with a particular client, etc. within your Zoho CRM.

What can you do with SMS-Magic on Zoho CRM?

With messaging, you can be in constant touch with your customers. One to one messages will enable you to close deals faster, offer prompt support, etc. You can insert dynamic fields in the SMS templates you create, customizing each message you send (single or bulk), with minimal effort.


Automated messages increase operational efficiency

Automate messages based on ‘time and action’ triggers in workflows, to increase customer engagement and experience. For instance, you can use webhooks to set up an automated welcome message to a lead.


Bulk messages reduce your workload

Get more out of your marketing campaigns and have better support communication by sending bulk messages. You can text a time bound offer to increase your response rate. Keyword based CTAs will make it easy for your customers to reply. Make sure you have your customers’ consent before you send them marketing messages.


SMS history shows message status

You can track incoming and outgoing messages in SMS history to know the status of your messages and review campaign performance, service contacts, sales followups, etc. If your messages are not being delivered, they can’t be read. Monitoring their status will tell you whether you’re getting the feedback you wanted, who’s opting out and so on.



Messaging is the new conversation, with which you can win, engage and retain customers. Knowing when to send a one to one message, an automated one or a campaign will help you drive conversations with customers.

Since our mobiles are such personal devices, intelligently using this medium will move you ahead of your competition. To get started with SMS-Magic on Zoho CRM, read our installation guide and our user guide.

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