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May 19, 2014
Understanding SMS Templates
With SMS Magic, you can create templates for SMSes which you send frequently. In the templates, you can use various variables of the object like name, address etc. These variables would be auto populated to their values while sending SMS.

Please note that variables for an object would only be visible within the object’s template.  i.e. if you create a template for Leads then you can only use variables from the Leads Object.

We can create templates for all objects, however the method of creating templates for standard and custom objects is slightly different.

Create SMS Templates for Standard Objects (Leads & Contacts)
  • We can create a new template in two ways-Enter the Template Name.
    1. From the SMS Magic Dashboard (Go to SMS Magic Dashboard (SMS-Home Tab)–> New SMS Template)
    2. From SMS Templates (Go to SMS Magic–> SMS Templates–> New)
  • Select the Template Type as Lead/ Contact.
  • Compose the template text.  (You may insert the “Contact fields” to personalize your SMS as shown below.)
  • Click on “Save”.


Create SMS Templates for Custom Objects (Objects other than Leads & Contacts)
To create a template for a custom object, we first need to configure the template type for that object. In the following example, we will see how to create templates for the “Accounts” object.

  • Go to SMS Magic Tab –> SMS Magic Settings
  • Configure Template
template type step 1
  •  Click On New SMS template type
template type step 2
  • Select the Object API name for which you want to create the template.
  • Click Save.
  • Now you can create the template as mentioned for Contact & Leads

SMS Template Limitations
  • Look-up fields cannot be used in SMS templates
  • If formula field is being used in a template, values are calculated and stored which are fetched by the template. The formula calculation is not carried out during template rendering.
  • The date format displays dates in the standard Salesforce date format. Any other date format cannot be used.
Rendering Text Encrypted Type field for SMS Template
  • Encrypted field are encrypted with 128-bit master keys and Advance Encryption Standard(AES) algorithm.
  • SMS Magic Interact (June’15) allows you to render text encrypted type field in SMS template.
  • You can use encrypted field in sms template with the use of SMS Magic Interact.
  • If user has permission to “View Encrypted Field” then user can see encrypted text in plain text.
Template list to show only Approved templates
Using SMS Magic (June’15), you can create your own list of “Approved” templates. The templates which are approved can only display in the Approved list.

If user sends its template for approval and if it gets rejected then user cannot see that template in approved template list.

If user don’t send any template for approval then all the templates will be displayed.

Approved Template

Rejected Template

Support for merge field of related objects in SMS templates
A merge field is a field you can put it in template to incorporate value from a record.

SMS Magic Interact (June’15) allows you to create merge fields for SMS template. In previous version user can render only upto one level. But now user can create merge fields for more than one level. For example you can create merge fields for contact as {!}.

As you can see in the image for name field, lead and contact fields are also rendered.



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