How to Use SMS Magic in Salesforce1

August 26, 2014

SMS Magic 1 application



Screen-Magic is a tech driven Mobile Media Company delivering services which leverage the real-time, & response based nature of mobile media. We help businesses mobilize their communication on SAAS platforms. Our applications available on Salesforce, ZOHO CRM, ZOHO Support & ZOHO Recruit. We are currently serving 500+ businesses from various industry verticals.


What is Salesforce1?

Salesforce1 is the new social, mobile and cloud platform built to transform sales, service and marketing apps.  It’s a Customer Platform to connect with Customers in a whole new way.


Keeping up with the latest wave, Screen Magic is launching a new application “SMS Magic 1”, congenial with this awesome platform.  Rediscover a complete new way of sending out SMS messages in Salesforce with SMS Magic 1!


What is SMS Magic 1?

SMS Magic 1 is new add-on application for SMS Magic Interact, which enable users to send out SMS using “global action”. There is no complex configuration required for using this application; you just need to install this add-on package along with SMS Magic Interact and you ready to go.


SMS Magic 1 contains below features:

  1. Send SMS using global action.
  2. In app notification for Incoming SMS.