How to Use SMS Magic in Salesforce1

August 26, 2014

SMS Magic 1 application


How it works with Salesforce?

Basically SMS Magic 1 is an add-on application for SMS Magic Interact. It uses the API’s of SMS Magic Interact package to send SMS messages.

Once configured, SMS Magic 1 will enable you to send SMS messages from the chatter section on records or from your SF1 mobile application.


After sending SMS, it also creates a chatter post on the record to which the message was sent.

Sending SMS message from your Salesforce org:

  1.  To send out SMS, click on “Send SMS” action. The mobile number is auto picked from the standard Mobile phone field or from phone field of that record. If mobile number is missing then you can manually put the number and send message.

Fig. 5

  1. Quick view of SMS sent (in a Chatter post)

Fig. 6



 How it works on the SF1 mobile application

Once you enable Salesforce1 for mobile, the “Send SMS” global action created in Salesforce will be available in mobile app for sending SMS.


Sending SMS from SF1 Mobile app:


  • Select record to which you want to send SMS

Select Record

  • Click on ‘+’ button to open all available actions.

Click on + Button


  • Select Send SMS action.

Select Send SMS Action

  • Select required SMS template and sender id & click on “Send SMS” button to send out the message.

Select Required SMS Template



Incoming SMS Notifications


You can receive incoming SMS notification within the SF1 mobile app.

On receipt of any incoming SMS, you will see the notification as shown below. On clicking the notification, you can see the incoming SMS record.


Incoming SMS Notifications         Incoming SMS Notifications_1         Incoming SMS Notifications_2



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